Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welcome to the Conversation

For those of you finding your way here (and a sincere welcome to you for that) without knowing anything about me, here's a brief intro to "The Conversation".For those of you who are already part of the story (and in Truth, we are ALL part of this story in one voice or another), here's an easy way to share it with those you care about.

What it's about (in form) is ending world hunger, through the process of Soup Kitchen, Inc. ( Yes there will be a modicum of plugging within the blogging, but you'll soon see that it's about much more than any personal or professional gain. The way it works is simple. For every portion of soup sold, an equal portion of soup is donated to someone in need. If you eat, someone in need eats. Done! As there are more people on our little blue-green ball that can feed themselves than cannot, the math is on our side as a practical solution/demonstration to what has appeared to be an insurmountable issue.

Now that that's handled, let's get into what "The Conversation" is really about.

It's about the fact that with over 6 billion people on the planet, we are probably here to be a supportive part of the process known as humanity. Some call it Compassion, some Unconditional Love, some The Golden Rule. I call it Lunch (Let Us Now Care Humanely) or Dinner (Doing Intentional Noshing Nourishes Everyone Responsibly).

There's an ingredient in the soup which isn't listed on the label (and unfortunately, the FDA hasn't even begun to explore the nutritional value of this one). I call it "intentional eating". Picture yourself sitting down to a well deserved, delicious, hunger and soul satisfying bowl of soup..... simply because you can. Now add to each spoonful you enjoy, the knowledge that, as you nourish yourself, you are also nourishing someone else in exactly the same way. Now multiply that knowing by however many spoonfulls it takes to finish the bowl. All of  a sudden, eating becomes an act of helping, an act of caring, an act of simple human respect and compassion... and you haven't even left the table. The act repeated soon becomes a habit (helpful soup hint: the bigger the bowl, the sooner the habit is ingrained), and our habits are simply an outward extension of our beliefs. Now head out of the house, into your day, with a well nourished habit of intentional, compassionate, caring for others and just imagine how your day is changed, not to mention the change in the day of those that compassion is directed towards.

You see, we don't need to spend out time trying to teach/convince people that we should treat each other better (and this is coming from a man who is moments away from getting his ministerial license). With the right process in place, the act can be automatic.

In my smarmier moments, I say I started Soup Kitchen, so that even if you never lifted a finger or gave a dime to help someone, even if you didn't care at all, you can still help.

Of course the goal of all of this is to live in a world where things like Soup Kitchen, Inc are the norm, where purpose drives profit, a world of bridges, not fences, a world where it is all only us.

Thanks for joining "The Conversation of Soup". Its about all of us.

"Together we can change the way the world helps" - Jamie Klein

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