Thursday, September 1, 2011

Every Body needs Somebody Sometimes

(or at least they did at one time)

Pretty bold statement number 3 (if you’re reading these chronologically and keeping count): We as humans are hard wired to help. It’s part of the process of Life. First we have to recognize that “help” is a two part process. First there must be someone in need of help, and second, someone to fill that need. Now for all of you self-sufficient, I am responsible for my experience only, just as everybody is responsible for their own experience, I can’t live their life and they can’t live mine, spiritually evolved mystics and gurus,(it’s ok, I am a Religious Science minister and wrote that last sentence strictly professionally speaking), I’d like to take you back in time a little, back before you remembered anything, or back before you forgot just how connected we all really are
For our first nine months, we were all feeding off/ needing the “kindness of strangers”. To that end, it means that @ half the human population is physically constructed as help providing beings, and ALL of us needed that help at some point. We entered this existence with and through the cooperation and effort of someone else. Help is the first thing we know, and better yet, receiving help is why we’re here at all. This is simply the physical truth of our physical beings.

The “need” in the world which appears is just the macrocosmic expression of our microcosmic experience. We as a people, are constantly evolving into Life. The cry for help we hear is just our birthing/growing (take your pick) pains. If we ignore the expression of life around us we dishonor the expression of Life within us.

Welcome to why I do Soup. For whatever reasons you may or may not choose to help someone else, there is ALWAYS someone you do help. Every time you breathe, every time your heart beats (“but hey that’s an automatic process” you say Hmmmmmmm so that means, that the very process that HELPS fuel your own being is an automatic  part of your very existence; that help is a part of who you are. Well thanks for making my argument for me:-).This works for every time you eat too.

And that’s the beauty of soup (at least Soup Kitchen, Inc. soup To help those in need you only have do one thing.

Help yourself.

“Together we can change the way the world helps”
I find it interesting that one of the biggest learning curves I seem to face is in convincing people that it’s up to those of us who can help, to help. Now if you’re reading this, then it’s most likely that you are the type of person who is inclined to help, and probably not in need of convincing (and for that I thank you). Of course you may not be that type of person at all, but if I do my job right, it won’t matter; hunger will end, and you, on some level, will help sustain the process (though I promise not to tell anyone who might think any better of you), and I want to thank you for being the impetus for the words that follow.